Fellow Musicians,

Thanks for visiting this website. I hope you find the information useful! I started making these saddles long ago due simply to the fact that they work. Everyone who heard one of my guitars with one of these installed either wanted me to make one, or wanted to know where they could buy one. I also noticed there were a number of manufacturers of these products who were mass-producing inferior quality components, leaving only skilled luthiers as an outlet to obtain a quality, hand-made saddle or nut.  As far as bridge pins went, they were very difficult to find, and ivory pins were ridiculously priced out of the range of the average user.   Iíve found very few options for guitar players in obtaining saddles at the cost, or as close to a ďfinishedĒ product as I provide. So in short, thatís why I started this venture. I hope I can be of assistance to you in maximizing the capability of your guitar!

Iíve been playing around 40 years and have played in metal bands, jazz bands, done solo work, classical performances, and been involved with recording, producing, live sound and nearly every other aspect of the performing industry.  Iíve taken the stage with such acts as James Montgomery as well as The New Riders of the Purple Sage. I'm currently involved in one of the more prominent musical acts in the local area, where I perform in an acoustic duo with my partner Dave. Our goal has always been to break the rules of acoustic music, and go above and beyond what people typically expect from only two guitars. We released two extremely successful (not-so-acoustic) albums into local distribution where I played all the instruments, sang background vocals, and Dave sang the important stuff. (because God knows, I canít) and did some guitar work of his own, and we pretended to have an entire band. 

I operate this business out of my home so I'm open every day.  Feel free to call....well, whenever.  Just try not to call exceptionally late.  Also, if there is a Red Sox, Patriots or Bruins game on, I'll be available immediately after the post game interviews.  :  )     Thanks!


Questions Call: (912) 882-1321 -- Ask for Bob!